Team Coaching International Diagnostic Suite

Team 360 View

Invaluable Feedback · Specific and Measurable

When teams ask the question, “How are we doing?” they often start with a team assessment. It gives the team their own, internal view of their performance.

But there is a second way to answer the question: ask the people who interact with the team on a regular basis. Ask the customers of the team, the stakeholders, the people who are impacted by the team’s everyday performance. This external view from the people whose opinions matter and are most affected, is invaluable feedback to the team.

How it works

The Team 360 View™ is an diagnostic tool based on the same proven model as the Team Diagnostic™, used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005.

The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The responses from all stakeholders are combined and presented in a report that displays the results in multiple graphic layers, each layer more detailed. The diagnostic also includes stakeholder responses — anonymously — to essay style questions that can be customized for the team.

The Team 360 View™ model looks at two dimensions:

The model defines seven attributes in each of these two areas:

The Team 360 View™ gives the team invaluable information from the people whose opinions matter most: the people who are served by the team every day.

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