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About Nikos Polidis

Nikos Polidis is a distinguished trainer, team facilitator and coach renowned for his expertise in experiential training and strategic team development. His dynamic methodology promotes personal advancement, cohesion, and leadership acumen, meticulously customized to meet the specific requirements of both individuals and teams.

In partnership with Treasure Lab and Summit, Nikos delivers an extensive portfolio of services, ranging from advanced leadership programs to interactive team-building initiatives. Through Treasure Lab, he concentrates on executive development and immersive training, cultivating essential skills for leaders and teams to excel in complex environments. At Summit, he is acclaimed for his innovative debriefing techniques and compelling sessions that significantly
elevate team efficacy.
Nikos’s unwavering commitment to continual learning and agile adaptation is prominently displayed on his LinkedIn profile, underscoring his resolve to surpass the evolving challenges of today’s business world.

Facts & Figures

Experience: more than 5500 hours of experience in Leadership Development and soft-skills trainings.

Business sectors

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Consumer products
  • Hotels
  • Utilities/Services
  • NPO’s and…
  • …others


  • Master NLP Coach
  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Solution Focused Brief Coaching
  • LEGO ® Serious Play
  • Playmobil Pro
  • TCI Product Suite Facilitator
  • MTa Experiential Learning Facilitator
  • Aeqlia-Miki Island Facilitator
  • Celemi Simulations
  • Gaminar Digital Games Facilitator (exclusive representative, Greece & Cyprus)



In my partnership with Treasure Lab, a boutique firm renowned for its solution-focused coaching and executive development programs, I have had the opportunity to deepen my expertise and broaden my impact in the realm of leadership and team development. Treasure Lab’s commitment to facilitating change while enhancing performance and engagement aligns perfectly with my own approach to experiential developmental trainings. Through this collaboration, I have engaged in a variety of programs, including interactive workshops and structured team programs, all designed to foster resilience, effective communication, and cooperative problem-solving.My role in these initiatives often revolves around the implementation of innovative techniques and the delivery of hands-on training and coaching. This partnership has enabled me to leverage Treasure Lab’s extensive resources and methodologies, such as their Leader as Coach program and their Transforming Teams framework, to deliver tailored solutions that drive real change. By integrating my unique expertise with Treasure Lab’s proven strategies, we have been able to create a dynamic and impactful learning environment that not only addresses immediate team challenges but also lays the groundwork for sustained development and growth. My profile on LinkedIn provides a more comprehensive overview of my skills and experiences, reflecting the depth and breadth of our collaborative efforts to develop leaders and teams who are not just effective but also resilient and forward-thinking.

As a seasoned freelancer specializing in experiential developmental trainings and team development, my collaboration with Summit, a renowned company organizing corporate team-building events and training workshops, has been a cornerstone of my professional journey. At Summit, I have the privilege of contributing to the mission of fostering team spirit and personal development through innovative and engaging methods. My profile, which can be viewed in detail on LinkedIn, reflects a deep commitment to facilitating growth and learning through a variety of techniques, from interactive workshops to strategic facilitation. This partnership has not only allowed me to leverage my expertise in a dynamic and impactful environment but also to continuously evolve my approach to meet the diverse needs of clients, ensuring that each training session is both unique and effective. Building on this foundation, my cooperation with Summit has been particularly profound in the realm of team building, where we’ve placed a significant emphasis on the use of extensive debriefing sessions. These sessions are integral to our approach, allowing teams to reflect, internalize, and apply the insights gained from each activity. By guiding participants through structured reflection, we delve into the dynamics of communication, collaboration, and problem-solving that surface during team-building exercises. This method not only reinforces the learning objectives of each session but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and open dialogue within teams. The debriefing process, a hallmark of my facilitation style, ensures that the lessons learned go beyond the training room, translating into tangible improvements in the workplace and enhancing the overall team cohesion and performance. My collaboration with Summit has been instrumental in refining these techniques, creating a powerful synergy that amplifies the impact of our team-building initiatives.