Engage your team in this fast-paced activity which really puts active communication to the test!

In Pixtory (powered by, each participant receives a photo, which is a zoomed-in version of someone else’s photo. In the least amount of time possible, teams must describe their photos and place them in the right order, from the most zoomed-in to the most zoomed-out photo.

Efficient communication and paying close attention to details is key to the team’s result, as each wrong attempt will charge the team with one extra minute. Placing all photos in the right order and in the fastest time makes a winning team!

The photos are so complex that it’s really easy to miss relevant details!

It’s paramount to really pay attention to other players, as the smallest detail may change the order in which to place all photos! Everybody needs to be fully present and explain everything clearly.

The hard part is to identify the balance between being brief and being complete... a challenge we also face in our daily lives!

Trust the process, stay focused and everything will make sense! By the end, victory will be so sweet!

Key Learning Points

Pixtory can be played as an Ice Breaker, or a Team Building activity. It’s fun enough to be just that. However, it can be SO MUCH more than that!