A team building experience that kindles fun, authentic and truly connecting interactions

Cozy Juicy Real is a team building activity. It’s a virtual or physical board game where people get to share their true selves guided by fun and insightful questions.

To break the ice and set the stage for open communication and connection, utilize the “Cozy-Juicy-Real” game.

This engaging tool helps participants lower their guards, share more openly, and establish a foundation of trust and authenticity right from the start.

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Cozy Juicy Real is celebrated for creating a comfortable space for all participants, promoting stronger relationships, and being an enjoyable, easy-to-implement activity for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to break the ice, deepen connections, or simply have fun, Cozy Juicy Real is a versatile tool that promises a memorable and impactful team-building experience.

Facts & Figures

  • Digital & Physical option
  • (Digital) 10 – 500 players in breakout rooms
  • (Physical) 3-8 people per table
  • 60 – 120 minute playing time — you decide
  • Join on any communication platform
  • Paid account not needed
  • Totally work-appropriate
  • No preparation necessary
  • Hosted by skilled facilitator

Examples of the type of questions you might encounter in such a team-building game

  • Cozy Question: “Share a memory of a time you felt a strong sense of belonging. What made that moment special for you?” This type of question aims to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere by inviting players to reflect on positive personal experiences.
  • Juicy Question: “Describe a challenge you’ve overcome in your personal or professional life. How did it change the way you approach similar situations now?” This question encourages players to share more profound, personal stories, fostering empathy and understanding among team members.
  • Real Question: “What’s one thing you wish your colleagues knew about you that you think would change their perception? Why haven’t you shared it yet?” This type of question prompts honest reflection and sharing, helping to break down barriers and build genuine connections.
  • Random Question: “Ask all players to take turn doing the weirdest thing they can physically do… i.e. roll their belly, wiggle their ears, etc.” Random questions are group challenges and activities where points are awarded depending on the challenge.

These examples are indicative of the kind of thoughtful and engaging prompts used in Cozy Juicy Real to encourage sharing, reflection, and team bonding. The actual game would feature its unique set of questions crafted to suit its objectives and the audience it serves.

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