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As a certified facilitator of experiential learning activities from MTa Learning, I incorporate a variety of hands-on exercises and simulations that translate complex theories into tangible practice. These activities are designed to reflect real-world challenges, allowing participants to experiment, reflect, and learn in a safe yet stimulating environment. Learn more about these innovative tools at MTa Learning.

MTa, as featured on, offers a range of engaging experiential learning activities designed to build teams, develop leaders, improve communication, and facilitate meaningful change in various settings, including workplaces and classrooms. Their offerings are centered around experiential learning kits, which are used globally to create impactful, lightbulb moments leading to lasting change. These kits are versatile and can be used for small workshops, assessment events, graduate training programs, and more.

MTa Insights Product:

While the specific details of the MTa Insights product were not directly mentioned in the content retrieved, MTa’s general approach to experiential learning involves kits that contain activities designed to achieve specific outcomes. These kits are known for their simplicity and effectiveness, providing tools for deeper learning and potential transformation in various organizational and educational settings. They are used by a wide range of clients, including PwC Middle East, HSBC, and the Royal Air Force High Wycombe Youth Activities Team, indicating their broad applicability and effectiveness.

The kits typically include a selection of activities, easy-to-follow instructions, and comprehensive review & learning transfer sheets to facilitate analysis and learning. They are designed to challenge the status quo and create lasting learning experiences, with a focus on building teams, developing leadership skills, and improving communication.

For more detailed information about the MTa Insights product, you might want to visit the specific product page or contact the company directly for in-depth details and how it can specifically cater to your needs.

Off the shelf training materials for

people development

Experiential learning programs, when designed with expertise and competently delivered, can provide opportunities for incredibly powerful personalized learning.

MTa Insights is the ultimate trainer’s resource. This comprehensive and powerful experiential learning kit contains 53 high impact experiential activities that generate a wide range of learning opportunities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving and change.

Unleash the power of Experiential Learning Activities with MTa

MTa Insights is incredibly versatile and infinitely flexible. There are activities that will test, challenge and stimulate participants of all levels, from entry level apprentices to the most senior of leaders. The activities range from 10 minute ice-breakers to 3 hour leadership tasks.

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