Playmobil PRO.Play

Pro.Play® is an innovative methodology designed to harness the power of play for professional and personal development. It’s a distinctive program that revolves around the use of PLAYMOBIL pro kits, incorporating a series of tools and techniques aimed at solving complex problems through playful interaction.


Play Like a Pro

Pro.Play® encourages individuals and teams to engage in play, tapping into intuitive and creative aspects of problem-solving and idea generation.

Modeling Types

It uses three types of models – Literal, Metaphoric, and Fantastic – to address various scenarios, from real-world representation to exploring abstract concepts and imaginative possibilities.

Four Pillars

The process is based on four pillars: starting by playing to engage and stimulate, observing the outcomes, extracting insights, and making decisions based on the learnings.


1. Strategic Planning and Visioning:

  • Scenario Exploration: Use the Pro.Play® models to explore different future scenarios for your organization, examining potential challenges and opportunities.
  • Vision Building: Facilitate sessions where team members can model their vision for the company’s future, encouraging alignment and a shared understanding of long-term goals.

2. Conflict Resolution:

  • Understanding Perspectives: Use metaphoric modeling to represent different viewpoints in a conflict, helping participants see and understand each other’s positions in a non-confrontational way.
  • Problem-Solving: Through guided play, teams can work together to model and dissect the root causes of conflicts and collaboratively develop solutions.

3. Customer and User Experience Design:

  • Empathy Building: Use literal models to represent the customer journey, helping teams empathize with users and identify pain points and moments of delight.
  • Service Prototyping: Model different service scenarios to visualize and improve customer interactions and service delivery.

4. Personal Development and Coaching:

  • Self-Reflection: Individuals can use metaphoric or fantastic modeling to represent their career aspirations, strengths, and challenges, providing a basis for personal growth and development.
  • Coaching Sessions: Coaches can use Pro.Play® as a tool to help clients articulate and work through their issues in a more tangible and creative way.

5. Innovation Workshops:

  • Idea Generation: Use the fantastic models to push boundaries and generate innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Prototype Development: Build prototypes of products, services, or processes using the Pro.Play® kits to visualize and refine ideas.

6. Cultural Transformation:

  • Value Alignment: Use Pro.Play® to model an organization’s ideal culture and values, facilitating discussions around current culture vs. desired culture.
  • Behavior Modeling: Create scenarios that demonstrate desired behaviors and attitudes, helping embed cultural change.

7. Education and Learning:

  • Interactive Learning: Teachers and educators can use Pro.Play® to create interactive and engaging learning experiences, making complex subjects more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Student Projects: Students can use Pro.Play® to work on group projects, learning to collaborate, problem-solve, and present their work creatively.

8. Change Management:

  • Impact Visualization: Model the potential impacts of change on different parts of the organization to plan more effectively and address concerns.
  • Transition Planning: Use workshops to collaboratively model and plan the steps of a change process, ensuring buy-in and understanding from all stakeholders.

9. Team Dynamics and Role Clarification:

  • Role Play: Use the Pro.Play® figures to represent different team roles and responsibilities, clarifying expectations and interactions.
  • Team Health Check: Regularly model the current state of the team to identify areas of strength and concern, and plan improvements.

10. Healthcare and Therapy:

  • Therapeutic Expression: In therapeutic settings, clients can use models to express emotions, experiences, and challenges in a safe and abstract way.
  • Treatment Planning: Healthcare professionals can use Pro.Play® to visualize treatment plans, patient journeys, or explain complex medical conditions to patients.
Playmobil Pro workshops are delivered in cooperation with TREASURE LAB
Playmobil PRO Play workshops are delivered only by officially certified facilitators