is a platform that specializes in gamifying learning experiences. It aims to make these sessions more engaging and value-centric by incorporating experiential activities. offers:
Experiential Activities for Learning and Development: provides a wide range of games and activities designed for training sessions. These activities are suitable for learning and development professionals and are intended to enhance the learning experience through interactive and immersive gameplay.
Variety of Games: The platform offers various games, including Escape Games, Pixtory, Survival Games, Expressive, Replica, Diamonds, Unlock, Matrix, Value Continuum, and The Warehouse. These games are designed for different numbers of participants and teams, with varying durations.
Benefits of Using Gaminar:There are several benefits of using games in training sessions and webinars:
Facilitator-driven experiences that make them more engaging.
Bite-size gamification addressing key corporate topics.
Enhances focus and offers pragmatic flexibility for different settings.
Built-in structure for contextualizing real-life examples and business realities.
Opportunities for reflection, debriefing, and action plan formulation.
Flexible Participation and Pricing: allows for flexible participation, accommodating 4 to 500 participants in a game. They operate on a pay-per-use model or subscription model, offering unlimited access to all games.
Engagement and Learning Enhancement: emphasizes the importance of engagement in training sessions for effective learning. The games are designed to boost engagement, thereby enhancing learning retention, adoption, and transfer.
In summary, is a platform that transforms training sessions by integrating gamified experiences, making them more interactive, engaging, and effective for participants.